Saturday, April 15, 2006


Hi yer,
Today's not so nice so I decided to clear out some of my art and craft boxes. I came across some pre-made goddess body forms that I had previously made and also FLORA my DEA ( =goddess) of plants, trees and flowers, now she took me ages to make .. sewing all those little beads onto her body.

I entered her into an Italian hobby site online competion for BEADED FLOWERS AND TREES. I decided I wanted to do something different to the usual beaded flowers, bonsai trees and bead crochet, but I was unsure as I knew she would not be to the typical Italian style . I was really surprised when my DEA was placed ninth in the category of the most voted on-line.

After finding her I've decided that if I find some time over the Easter Holidays I'll try and make some more, this time I would like to try stamping or painting the body form first and adding beads afterwards. When done I will post a photo of it.

Have to decide what to cook for the FEASTIVE holidays...............think I'll do lasagna.

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JoAnnA said...

This piece is darling. I love the colors and congrats on your deserve it!!!