Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Today, after finally managing to upload an image with my posting, it's been a peaceful lazy day. My American magazine CPS ( cloth paper scissors) and Legacy arrived , so I made a nice cuppa tea, plonked myself down on the sofa and had a nice read and be in awe at the wonderful images that jump out from within the mags, they have contributions from so many wonderful artists . Cloth , paper, scissors is a magazine relating to mixed arts, fibre and paper married together with great finished pieces of art, Legacy on the other hand is a magazine that relates to heritage using a mixture of techniques great for artist who are tracing the family tree.

I really love the American arts and crafts scene, it was by chance that I stumbled upon the mixed media sector. I started joining different on-line groups and surfing the web for information and looking at the maze of links to be visited....................24 hours in the day were not enough for me!!!.

The American and Australian artists have been really great to me, being so kind and helpful giving out tips where needed even sending me surprises in the post , as some things I just can't find here in Italy, I have made some really great friends over the years but there are two that really struck a cord with me...............one day I hope I get the chance to meet them....
their names are STACIE RIFE of www.baileysbliss.com and TRACY ROOS of www.tracyroos.com, apart from being the sweetest and kindest of gals they are also really talented artists who have inspired me.... and still do, I read their online journals daily.

I might as well say hi to them HI STACIE, HI TRACY.

Ah well I suppose I better go and get on with some housework otherwise I'll be in the dog house.
My artwork is done in watercolours and is titled 'STRAWBERRY FIELDS' .

ciao ciao


barbara said...

ohmygoodness! your watercolor artwork is just fab!

stellacometa said...

yes, I definitely would love to get this one :) I'm going to upload my newest ATCs so we can trade, Joan, OK? :)