Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Today KARI aka ARTSYMAMA is having a ARTFUL BLOGGING PARTY where most of the guests on their blog have done a blogging tutorial . Go and drop in on her blog and see all the wonderful tutorials the bloggers are putting on their blogs.

I haven't had time to do a tutorial so I just thought I would send a post card to all the gals from Cesenatico in Emilia Romagna, Italy., but still keep it in the artistic theme. These postcards are of the Port in Cesenatico which was designed by Leonardo da Vinci, and all the old fishermen boat sails that you can see are painted. Part of the port has been made into a floating museum.

There is also a Cesenatico artist who uses the old ruined plain sails and does mixed media art on them ..........they look fantastic.

Well I'm off to have a butchers at all the blogs now, so no house work will be done today !!!!!!! don't tell hubby.
crafty joan in Italy