Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today I found some old black and whilte photos , but who they are of and when they were taken I haven't the faintest idea. Therefore I decided to do a technique that is described in the book ' THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALTERED IMAGERY' by KAREN MICHEL . I couldn't find any screwdrivers or awls so I used my dollmaking sewing needle which is very pointed and sharp, must say the incisions came out Ok. I then coloured in with watercolor paints. Had a great time doing it that I continued the whole afternoon altering old photo . I'm thinking of starting a scrapbook titled ' WHO AM I ? ', at least it will be a scrapbook with just a little difference.

Tomorrow I will do some collages and transfer images with what the photos I altered today. Oh it's so great to be back creating after a long hot sticky summer..............mind you it's still 30° here.
Can't wait for autum to arrive ........something in the air changes...the smells, the colours..............just luv it.

ciao ciao
crafty joan