Friday, August 29, 2008


Am as happy a larry, doing this online course with Suzi Blu. Didn't realize sketching could be so relaxing......................much more relaxing than housework !!!!! LOL

have a greyt weekend

crafty joan

Thursday, August 28, 2008

practice makes perfect

Have forgotten a little about my blog as I've started doing an online course with the one and only SUZI BLU, I decided that I need to improve my artistic drawing and painting skill. Am enjoying myself so much in this online lesson community and doing assignments.

Here's one of my first coloured in with pencils faces.


crafty joan

Thursday, August 14, 2008


These are my efforts from the Suzi Blu Party Gal Kits sold by the Artist Cellar, am having a greyt time trying to learn how to paint in faces............not as easy as I thought, just can't seem to get the smokey eyes right..........I will not be beaten !!! LOL. I just adore the artist Suzi Blu, not only her artistic work but her philosophy too, she is just one sweetie. Have decided to take an online course with her as I really need to improve my artistic drawing and painting techniques and there doesn't seem to be much new going on for me here, only techniques that I already know and have used for years.........felt like the lone ranger at times as nobody else was interested to keep me company, but it's oh so different at the mo. I've also gone back to making stitcheries and primitive doll making...........just so many greyt primitive doll patterns out there and doll makers too.

It's so nice to be doing something different from the norm going on here which is gesso, gesso, gesso...........the scrapbooking world here has gone mad everything is being gessoed oh and also scrapbooking mixed mediad. As usual from an unknown technique to OTT mode, while surfing blogs you feel as if you keep going back to the same one all the time.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who participated in the THRINCHIE CHALLENGE that I hosted as a first time host on MIXED MEDIA MONDAY last week. You made it all worth while and thanx to Diane for accepting me as a guest host.
crafty joan

Monday, August 04, 2008


Hi everyone,
Here's my contribution for this week's MIXED MEDIA MONDAY, the theme for this week is THRINCHIE. What is a THRINCHIE ? well it's art done with a measurement of 3" X 3" square. I was participating in some swaps for inchies 1" X 1" and twinchies 2" X 2", and I thought why not go the whole hog and introduce a THRINCHIE, you can see my first THRINCHIE on this blog in a previous post in June 2008

I saw on a group that someone was questioning this use of why are we nominating names such as inchie, twinchie, thrinchie etc when this type of art has been in use for years as DECO SQUARES . To be honest I had never heard of DECO SQUARE until now........ ART SQUARED, yes , so now I have a new name to add to my ever growing list of mixed media terms.. During this challenge due to a comment left I found out that this size is also called ITTY BITTY collage / art, and Lenna Andrews has just recently done a swap, didn't realize there were so many names for this 3" squared art. I find that using these names , inchies, twinchies, thrinchies etc is easier for the people to remember and associate to immiediately, specialy non mother tongue speakers of English, as most people know how to count in English, two , three.......especially when doing swaps, so from my point of view I don't think it's that bad using these names, do you?
what would you nominate 5" X 5" square = a Quintchie / quinchie, or 6" X 6" square sexie !!! ??? LOL

Don't you just love this world of mixed media ??? I do and I've made so many friends over the years and am still doing so. So a BIG THANK YOU to all you mixed media gang out there for your friendships, your knowledge, your sharing and above all for being you.

Oh and thanx to DIANE of MIXED MEDIA MONDAY for letting me be the guest host this week.
crafty joan

Ps I would love to know if you have ever participated in any Deco Square swaps or itty bitty swaps and would love to see your work.

cheers joan