Wednesday, May 31, 2006



I finally decided to take the plunge and adopt a greyhound, that's her photo above. Her name's Betty and she's a 3 year old Irish grey. Have never had a dog in my life, so I'm jumping in at the deep-end so to speak. I hope she will be happy with her new home and family, I know it's going to be tough going for the first couple of months. Will have to start selling off some of my craft materials and art work to get some extra funds until , hopefully, I can find a part time job.

We go to collect her at a greyhound meeting on Friday.................I can't wait although I am a little nervous.

Will keep you informed....................I think my art w├Čork might take on the subject of greys !!!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Hi there,
Saturday son playing on the computer, another gone to the cinema, daughter gone to disco and hubby gone to the bar, so it's been a nice tranquil night for me to be crafty and create to my hearts content without being disturbed.

Here's what I've created this evening............a collage using the TRY IT TUESDAY backgroun technique. Must say I think I'm improving a little !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to my friend Lara tomorrow afternoon.............we're going to have an afternoon of being crafty and creating. Will post and show you what we will have made

ciao ciao for now
crafty joan

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today I made this ATC ( artist trading card ) . but I'm not too sure if I like it. I seem to be going through this phase of 'I'M NOT SURE '.

Maybe I need to find my artistic self, maybe I need to learn and perfect more techniques, I keep questioning my work. This has all began since I decided to take part in ' Try it Tuesdays ' , thanx to the gals who started this it made me realize that I was doing the same thing over and over again and am in an artistic ru as to say. I had great fun trying the background technique for week 1 that I can't wait for week 2 and to learn something new.

I know my artwork is going to go to another level..............well I'm hoping so.
ciao ciao

Sunday, May 21, 2006


This is my effort for the
'TRY IT TUESDAY' challenge.
This is the first time I've tried doing this type of background technique.

The canvas on the left was a wash done, with yellow, then ocra and then burnt umber, it didn't come out too bad for a first try but I felt something was missing.

The canvas on the right is the finished effort. What I did is I got hold of a Brilliance coral ink pad and added colour around the edges.........I got the effect that I wanted. I've called the collage 'MIO SOLE' = 'MY SUN'

H ave to say I'm proud of my self as I finally took the time to try problem I'm more or less computer illiterate do I upload the photos to take part in the challenge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

hi there,
I'm finally back home after my gallbladder removal by keyhole surgery after the initial surgery and 24 hour stay in hospital I had a little pain which was to be expected but it continued to get worse and worse in the cut in the umbelical so after 3 days I returned to the hospital and after being visited was told that I had a bad infection that I had got during surgery...................another 5 days in hospital.

Can't really complain................didn't have to cook, clean or listen to the kids fighting and arguing all the time. As I 'm not like the model Twiggy, my belly button is ............well let's say deep...................the doctor who had to medicated the wound said it was like a DARK CAVE. !!!!!!CHEEKY THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he had to go real deep down to medicate .....let's just say there was PAIN and tears and a student male nurse who had to leave the room during medication as he started to feel queezy and was ready to faint............. WHY? well the doctor had to pull out the garza that was inside my belly button but what with the infection etc the poor student thought he was pulling out part of my intestines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor thing.....tho I have to admit it did look like it. Anyway the infection didn't spread inside to internal organs or in the blood stream so I'm not really complaining.

Am complaining about one thing tho, haven't been able to create since May 3rd........uuffaa...have to content myself by surfing and reading blogs.................WOW there is so much candy out there........just fantastic art work by great artists well known and those not so well known.

Above is a photo of my first STAR BOOK that I made , I made each page with a different technique like STAMPING, COLLAGE, DECOUPAGE's a sample star book.
I just fell in love with them after seeing in on Lenna Andrews website one day.

Hope to start creating again soon
ciao ciao

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Hi there,
I'm busy creating at the moment as tomorrow I have to go into hospital for keyhole surgery to remove gallstones. I'm a little nervous NOT for the surgery but not to be able to create anything.................48 hours without creating..........will I manage it? Let's wait and see...................mind you I don't have much choice I ? !!!!!

These earrings are made from shrink plastic / poly shrink, I coloured them with Brilliance ink first then shrunk them.

Pity we can't shrink away our excess baggage like that !!!!!!! now that would really be something...........a blast from a heat gun and voila 2 extra inches gone in a couple of seconds... WOW .

I wonder if I ask the surgeon tomorrow if he could cut a couple of inches off me.......................dream on Joan !!!

bye bye off to create some more.................eventually I will start preparing what I need for tomorrow.