Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pocket Cover Book no.2

Here is my second effort of my pocket book cover, must say I'm more than happy with this effort. Had a whale of a time doing the FMS ( free motion embroidery) that I got carried away and didn't want to stop. This time I used greenhouse fleece instead of the nappy liners................prefer the effect of the ironed nappy liners.
Now I have to embellish with cords and beads.

crafty joan

Friday, October 27, 2006


I saw this on http://alis-clair.blogspot.com, and decided I would like to take part. so the first five people to respond to this via the comments will receive a piece of original artwork made by me in person. Great I hear you all saying but THE CATCH ?
The catch is that you too have to post this to your blog too so that way we can continue sharing the art.
have a gr8 weekend
crafty joan

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Pocket Cover Book

I decided to do an on-line course with Janet Clark on the joggles website. This is my first attempt at FME ( free machine embroidery) and colouring and melting nappy liners. I am waiting for my supplies to come through as here in Italy.............fashion centre of the world .....you wouldn't believe it I can't find 90% of the material I need to do the course. Shame it's not the craft and hobbies centre of the world then I wouldn't have as many problems finding materials to do my arts and crafts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK couldn't wait to get started so I decided to try and find some of the materials.................have spent an afternoon trampsing around and finally found a place that had some chiffon and organza.....................great. Once home started on my quest to half complete the first lesson..........
you can see the result above.............for starters I'm not happy about my FME and definately not happy about the melted nappy liners........................I think I melted them to much. I then put my one layer of black chiffon on top but it was too dark and you couldn't see a thing, so I've scanned the image without it. I do like the colours tho...........my favourite.
Now to see what the teacher will say about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ciao crafty joan

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Altered Cabinet Card No.3

Here is my final Altered Cabinet Card., I wanted this one to be a fun one.
I'm sure there's a sexy siren hidden deep within all of us just screaming to get out !!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

I immagine her to be real victorian having to live by the prim and proper victorian values of the day, but one she was in her own house behind closed doors ...........................

Look forward to seeing all the Altered Cabinet Cards now the swap is closed.

Was definately a fun swap................ thanx Christine

ciao ciao

Altered Cabinet Card No.2

This is my 2nd altered cabinet card for a swap that I'm taking part in, hosted by Christine for Art-e-zine. I'm having a whale of a time doing them . It's great trying to immagine about the unknown person in the photo in front of you, were they married, were they kind, many children, rich , poor etc.

You may be wondering why most people didn't smile in the 1800's when having photos done.............. mainly because the majority of them were missing TEETH !!! not many dentists about in those days and most people couldn'f afford them, also some people were also a little scared of what was about to happen.

You will be able to see all the cards once the swap is closed on Gillian allen's web site http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk, here you can also see other swaps that are open at the moment http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/artexchange.html

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Altered Cabinet Card Swap

This is one of my 3 altered cabinet cards for a swap that I'm participating in. This is my first time at altering these cards and I've enjoyed every minute of it, can't wait to do another

Monday, October 16, 2006



In one of my previous posts I said that Italian scrappers were discovering the world of ATCs. I've noticed that the ATCs they
create are made in the scrapbooking style that they are accustomed to using when making their LOS, therefore in my own personal opinion, my personal point of view I don't really consider these 100% ATCs. Please note I said IN MY PERSONAL OPINION before I have everyone jumping on my back and biting my head off !!!!!!!!!!

Therefore I've decided to nominate these type of cards :-

S T C = Scrappers Trading Cards

As you can see in my example above, the card has been created using K & Co scrap paper, fibres, buttons and a vintage image on the tag. Instead of the vintage image you could use your own photo, family, friends, pets etc. and include it in one of your LOs.

Now all I have to do is initiate a STC SWAP, think I will use a theme maybe a colour or a festive holiday..................or maybe you have some good ideas of your own. If so please let me know ...................would love to see your STCs.

have a great day
crafty Joan

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This is my new 4" X 4" art-squared collage. I hope the person / people who receive this will like it.

Today's blog is short and sweet

ciao crafty Joan

Tuesday, October 03, 2006



ATCs are now being discovered here in Italy by people that mainly participate in Italian scrapbooking groups who surf the American scrapbooking sites, you could say soon it could be ATC FEVER !!!!! Most ATCs that they are making seems to be in the scrapbooking style.
Here is an ATC that I made last year , it's an ATC made from K & Co scrapbooking paper, vintage buttons and then sewn around the borders then some fibers and a pocket added on top. I then made a mini tag, using a vintage transparency immage and added a bow. Should be to the Italian scrappers taste as this is mainly a scrapbooking ATC to be used on a LO.
I much prefer to make ATCs using the collage, painting, stamping, fabric techniques. I have just started another blog .....actually I started it much earlier this year but ol' dummy here forgot username and password, as the recovery page of blogger wasn't working I clean forgot about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a wally !!!!!!!!
The blog is http://atcmondo.blogspot.com
bye bye for now