Thursday, October 19, 2006

Altered Cabinet Card No.2

This is my 2nd altered cabinet card for a swap that I'm taking part in, hosted by Christine for Art-e-zine. I'm having a whale of a time doing them . It's great trying to immagine about the unknown person in the photo in front of you, were they married, were they kind, many children, rich , poor etc.

You may be wondering why most people didn't smile in the 1800's when having photos done.............. mainly because the majority of them were missing TEETH !!! not many dentists about in those days and most people couldn'f afford them, also some people were also a little scared of what was about to happen.

You will be able to see all the cards once the swap is closed on Gillian allen's web site, here you can also see other swaps that are open at the moment


Anonymous said...

Joan...i loved all three of your cards...this one is my favorite. It is just awesome...wish i had gotten one of yours.

Joan said...

I'm the lucky one ...........I got one of yours and I luv it.
ciao joan

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. I love all your cards.