Monday, May 15, 2006

hi there,
I'm finally back home after my gallbladder removal by keyhole surgery after the initial surgery and 24 hour stay in hospital I had a little pain which was to be expected but it continued to get worse and worse in the cut in the umbelical so after 3 days I returned to the hospital and after being visited was told that I had a bad infection that I had got during surgery...................another 5 days in hospital.

Can't really complain................didn't have to cook, clean or listen to the kids fighting and arguing all the time. As I 'm not like the model Twiggy, my belly button is ............well let's say deep...................the doctor who had to medicated the wound said it was like a DARK CAVE. !!!!!!CHEEKY THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he had to go real deep down to medicate .....let's just say there was PAIN and tears and a student male nurse who had to leave the room during medication as he started to feel queezy and was ready to faint............. WHY? well the doctor had to pull out the garza that was inside my belly button but what with the infection etc the poor student thought he was pulling out part of my intestines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor thing.....tho I have to admit it did look like it. Anyway the infection didn't spread inside to internal organs or in the blood stream so I'm not really complaining.

Am complaining about one thing tho, haven't been able to create since May 3rd........uuffaa...have to content myself by surfing and reading blogs.................WOW there is so much candy out there........just fantastic art work by great artists well known and those not so well known.

Above is a photo of my first STAR BOOK that I made , I made each page with a different technique like STAMPING, COLLAGE, DECOUPAGE's a sample star book.
I just fell in love with them after seeing in on Lenna Andrews website one day.

Hope to start creating again soon
ciao ciao


ArtsyMama said...

Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. Your work is absolutely delightful! Looking forward to visitng your blog often:) Have a great day!

crafty said...

will be an honour having you visit me.
Shame I missed the BOD challenge
:( :(

Niki said...

Hi Joan!
Nice to meet you! Great Blog!
I am Niki, a friend of Cris's from the Yahoo group.
I am from Vancouver, Canada but have been living in Italy for 20 years now.. Married with children..
How did you wind up here??

Nancy Baumiller said... glad you visited me...thank you so much! I am glad I made a smile! I love meeting new people and the things you learn from them and finding a connection...
Most of the images I use I purchase from
most of the bodies I created myself...for free images to use in your art you can join me and others at Just copy and paste it into your browser if it doesnt work this group we share images with each other..and supply others with images we find that are vintage pics that are copyright free and free to use in your art...I have made my own collage sheets if you are interested... Plz dont think I am trying to push sales on you lol...just thought maybe you would enjoy looking at them...let me know what you think...any comments or advice is always welcome! Hugs to you!

JoAnnA said...

Joan, so sorry about your hospital experience. That didn't sound fun. Hope you are getting better now.

Love this book...very cool!


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