Thursday, August 14, 2008


These are my efforts from the Suzi Blu Party Gal Kits sold by the Artist Cellar, am having a greyt time trying to learn how to paint in faces............not as easy as I thought, just can't seem to get the smokey eyes right..........I will not be beaten !!! LOL. I just adore the artist Suzi Blu, not only her artistic work but her philosophy too, she is just one sweetie. Have decided to take an online course with her as I really need to improve my artistic drawing and painting techniques and there doesn't seem to be much new going on for me here, only techniques that I already know and have used for years.........felt like the lone ranger at times as nobody else was interested to keep me company, but it's oh so different at the mo. I've also gone back to making stitcheries and primitive doll making...........just so many greyt primitive doll patterns out there and doll makers too.

It's so nice to be doing something different from the norm going on here which is gesso, gesso, gesso...........the scrapbooking world here has gone mad everything is being gessoed oh and also scrapbooking mixed mediad. As usual from an unknown technique to OTT mode, while surfing blogs you feel as if you keep going back to the same one all the time.


Niki Jackson said...

They are looking great! I have the kit too it is so awesome.

Roberta said...

You did well! I have to consider getting a kit, too, it looks great! :)