Thursday, August 28, 2008

practice makes perfect

Have forgotten a little about my blog as I've started doing an online course with the one and only SUZI BLU, I decided that I need to improve my artistic drawing and painting skill. Am enjoying myself so much in this online lesson community and doing assignments.

Here's one of my first coloured in with pencils faces.


crafty joan


Lilly said...

I love her!!! She's so beautiful!

I'm behind in everything right now... too many classes! I haven't even got to grips with Suzi's! (That's my plan for this weekend!)

Seriously though... love the shading!

Silvana said...

Joan sei davvero brava a disegnare, mi piacciono molto!
PS: ricordati che mi hai promesso una tua foto!

Athena said...

After seeing your blog, I think that you've convinced me to take these classes! You're really good.