Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today I found some old black and whilte photos , but who they are of and when they were taken I haven't the faintest idea. Therefore I decided to do a technique that is described in the book ' THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALTERED IMAGERY' by KAREN MICHEL . I couldn't find any screwdrivers or awls so I used my dollmaking sewing needle which is very pointed and sharp, must say the incisions came out Ok. I then coloured in with watercolor paints. Had a great time doing it that I continued the whole afternoon altering old photo . I'm thinking of starting a scrapbook titled ' WHO AM I ? ', at least it will be a scrapbook with just a little difference.

Tomorrow I will do some collages and transfer images with what the photos I altered today. Oh it's so great to be back creating after a long hot sticky summer..............mind you it's still 30° here.
Can't wait for autum to arrive ........something in the air changes...the smells, the colours..............just luv it.

ciao ciao
crafty joan


Altered Kat said...

"but who they are of and when they were taken I haven't the faintest idea"

...don't you just love that mystery part of our art Joan?...I do...and what would they say if they could see their images altered...???!!!

Kat ;o)

iHanna said...

altering photos is just sooo fun, this baby is great work!

crafty said...

just had so much fun using this technique. Now I'm always on the look out at flea markets for old photos

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stoping by at my blog!
Im sorry I must start to write the things in english,I prommise to try it sooner as possible!
That post was about my husband´s birthday.
I really loved this work you did in this old photo,I was thinking how you did it,I maybe got it...LOL
I may try it someday,I have here some cool photos from my parents and grands,It looks so artistic,really liked!

Joan said...

thanx for the comment much appreciated. I'm now taking part in a swap for altered cabinet cards.
should be good fun

Anonymous said...

Can you understand Italian???
Its have some similarities with portuguese!

crafty said...

learn Italian ????? after 18 years here I still haven't managed to learn and masticate the language. Way over my head ??? masculine and femminine.
But I'm proud to admit it tho
Now I've said it I feel better

JoAnnA said...

Hi Joan,
Love this altered photo and how you used color. I've been wanting to get that book. What I think is amazing how these photos travel on though I'm sure most of them in the photos we use are gone. Little did they know that thier pictures would be enjoyed by so many, be published, etc.