Saturday, April 08, 2006


Here in Cesena it is a beautiful spring sunny day. This morning I decided to go to the town market to buy some new clothes , I'm a little on the large size so it's a little difficult to find something that is fashionable in my size...... and not too expensive ! I was amazed at the prices... who said markets are cheaper !!!!!!!!!!!. After walking around and around for some time I eventually came across a stall with reasonable prices.....the stall owner was pleased to find out I was English, as she is frequenting an English course for adults, so she was over the moon that she could try out her English with a mother tongue speaker., needless to say I received a very good discount from her !!!.
I then decided to go to my friends shops, one has a shop where she sells beads, charms, findings etc for making bijoux..........she is so creative with such wonderful ideas , her dress jewelry is to die for. She loves to try and imitate my English accent....but I get my own back by doing the same with her Italian romagnolo accent (Emila-Romagna is a region in the north east of Italy, Bologna is the regions capital city ). Next door to her is my other friend's shop has all conected to the world of paper...entering his shop is majic, you feel as if you are being transported back in time, he has fountain pens , the old style writing exercise books, hand made albums made from handmade paper and much much more He's even caught the SCRAPBOOKING bug which is sweeping through Italy, the Italians have a tendancy to follow the latest fad ...this goes for all sectors, we have been going through a period of decoupage and bijoux for the last couple of years, so it's nice to see a change .
I could stay all day in these type of arts and crafts shop all day I just feel so relaxed and feel as if I don't have a care in the world. ah well tomorrow off to 'PLANET CREATIVITY' a craft fair for retailers only.......roll on sunday.
Tonight I'm off to have a pizza with some off my friends who have come down to Planet creativity as demonstrators...............and I complain about outsize clothes !!!!!!

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