Saturday, June 10, 2006


Hi there,
I haven't posted for the last week as I've been very busy doggy-sitting my new greyhound Betty. The first couple of days I thought "boy have I made a big mistake?", but now she is settling in and I wouldn't be without her.

Have just had a couple of minutes to surf some sites and blogs and I noticed the name CRAFT, CRAFTY, being used an awful lot, it got me wondering " how many of the people using this name actually have the surname CRAFT ? " .

My surname is CRAFT and a lot of people just don't believe me when I tell them in the arts and craft world.........when they realize I'm not joking they find it a little amusing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The MINI AMULET PURSE is from a design by RONDA KIVETT of KIVETT STUDIOS, it didn't take long to do at all and I was very pleased with the finished item.


Kivett-Studio said...

Beautiful amulet!I always love to see what others make using my patterns.

Joan said...

The pattern in so clear that it's so easy to follow.