Tuesday, June 27, 2006

THE 3 S's

Hi there,
Here it's very hot and sunny and very, very humid, how about where you are?.

Sunday I went to a yahoo group meeting in Treviso, which is about 3 and a half hours by car from where I live. Luckily we were going against the traffic flow of people who were probably going to the beach, their side was chock-a-block, they weren't moving just stuck under the sun with that horrible heat............I really felt for them. I was in an air conditioned car and was sweating just looking at them all !!!!!!!!!!!.

Spent a wonderful afternoon creating and in my case CRAFTING , with a nice bunch of people. I took a mini course of INCISIONE SU GESSO, working with plaster , glue and paints . Lory the teacher was just fantastic and her work is out of this world. I had so much fun making different forms on the plaster ................can't wait to make more at home. Cris our host was definately the HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS................thanx Cris. Was nice to meet people I've chatted with on-line in person for the fist time.

Off to cool down under the air conditioner.................... I feel sorry for Betty our greyhound.........poor thing just keeps hitting that sack due to the heat and humidity.

Photo is of my creation I made in the mini incisione su gesso course, I've called it THE 3 S's, =

ciao ciao

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