Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Playing around

Thought I would play around with the original scanned image of my' incisione su gesso'. think I will make a set of ATC's .


Sofia Barao said...

Joan, received the ATC today :) wow Gorgeous, even more beautiful live :)
Thank you so much for joining EMMGA hope we'll have lots of people and that it will grow :)

As for soccer, oh well I'm sooooooooooooooo sad, because we really played and all that french have done was to defend, to summarize we played and they won :-( I'm sure next time we'll make it.
Now I do hope that italy wins, I'm sorry but for 2 things :
1- I don't want to hear them for 4 more years....agghhrrrr, hehheheh :)
2- Italy must win because here everybody already believes that they are champions (again!) I hate when they do this...no modesty !!!

Sofia Barao said...

Thanks for your comment Joan, I'm feeling a little bit better today.
Hope you are not having too much noise with the world cup...I'm so happy they didn't won at least it was quite !

crafty said...

glad you like the ATC.
I'm more of a rugby fan..........big hunky sweaty real men !!!!!!!!!!!!!