Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Life is like a waterfall, you drift along like a stream then things quicken up and you become a river getting wider and wider, then a rapid until finally you find yourself on the edge and over you go crashing like a waterfall. Well that's my opinion anyway.

I feel like this especially when I try to help people out in person 1 2 1, telephone, letters or today via e-mails. I don't mind helping people ...listening to their problems, giving advice where needed. Many people tell me that I should be harder as a person in this dog eat dog world, but that's just not me, I'm too weak in character.

The thing that bothers me is when you are taken advantage of, you give someone an idea/s, they use it/them and make a profit from it ....but if you need help they're not so quick to return the favour !!!!! You write to people complimenting them for their good work, asking how life is etc...but they just don't do the same to you , make out they never recieved the letter or e-mails. I know it can happen that things go astray but more than once !!!!!!.

That's why I say life is like a waterfall, I bottle up my feelings and anger until they slowly spurt out, I suppose I should say like a volcano, but I prefer waterfall as I'm a water birth sign and an ex swimmer. My problem is that once I've stopped being a waterfall I become a stream again and the whole process repeats itself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess I'll never learn. Why oh Why can't I be just that little bit more stronger and sometimes just say ' NO ' .

Luckily I have meet many good people via the internet and now with that is a completey different topic...............seems like a competition of who can get more comments than the others !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL .... well here where I am anyway!!

Photo above is an ATC that I made trying out the technique of incision on plaster. To make the ATC a little more flexible so it wouldn't crack if bent, I adjusted the quantity of mixture I'm not telling ,....that's my sercret !!!!!!!!

from a little feeling sorry for ones self

Ps if reading this and you think I may be aiming the above at you, please ask me and I will tell you ...yes or no...
See I'm getting stronger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Fiona said...

AAh Joan, sounds like a bad blogging day. People are people, and as they say it takes all types.

Love the atc - the ladies look like they are having a relaxing time

crafty said...

thanx Fiona,
definatley a bad day where people are concerned, so nice to have a blog to vent.
ciao joan