Thursday, May 17, 2007


These are a pair of earrings I have been commissioned to make. I have used a scanned vintage image from my postcard collection , sterling silver earwires and hearts and precious stones.
I would also like to send many comforting hugs and friendly kisses to a dear artistic friend in the USA , who was over the moon with some fantastic news only to be kicked in the gut with some bad news and now she will have to wait for some rusults to confirm the outcome, which must be terrible.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the news will again be good. She deserves some good in her life as she has always had to struggle with each day. Wish I could be there to comfort her and hubby.
tata 4 now
crafty joan

1 comment:

Alis said...

The earrings are just beautiful.

Hope things get better for your freind.

Hugs, Alis