Wednesday, March 21, 2007

International Tea Party Time

There's an International tea party going on which has been hosted by the hostess with the mostess

Here in Italy today it is miserable, damp and cold....greyt start to spring !!!!! Up until today the weather has been up in the 18- 19 degrees sunny and hot, short sleeve weather, everything has already flowered , seened so strange to see the end of February and beginning of March blooming with colour . Also first thing this morning I had the boiler man in to give the boiler its annual check-up, I suppose you could say it's been SPRING CLEANED !!! LOL.

I'm a tea drinking addict, I drink about 10 mugs, yes mugs not cups, of tea a day , whatever the weather may be. I drink my tea the traditional English way with milk and sugar and believe it or not I prefer to drink a nice hot cuppa at meal times .!!!!!!!!!!! horror of all hubby after nearly 30 years still can't come to terms with it. I call my cup of tea by different names...............a cuppa, a brew, a cup of char. In the Uk they have teabags in all different shapes, traditional sqare ones, round ones, pyramid shape ones, ones that you pull two strings so as to squeeze the life out of it !!!!!!!!!! I don't care as long as my tea bags come from the UK, as I don't care much for the weak tea they have here in Italy which is more adapted to drink with lemon and fruits. I have my tea bags sent out to me and now that my kids like a cuppa too it's costing me a fortune !!!!!!!!!!.
I like to make my tea by putting milk and sugar in the mug first and then adding the boiling hot water.....I know a lot of people say this isn't the correct way and that the milk should be added after the boiling water.........this is a debate that has been going on for years.......something like the egg and the chicken question...How to you make your cuppa? would love to know. Onw thing I do know is that the Italians really give me strange looks and give strange comments about drinking tea with milk !!!!!!!!!!! I'm English ( sorry British !!! ) what do they expect !!!! LOL.

Last night I made 3 charm bracelets ready for spring, they are made with lucite flowers and glass beads , they are so light to wear, have to say I'm pleased with them.

Hoping you all have a wonderful tea party ,

crafty joan in Italy


Natasha Burns said...

OOOh I LOVE Italy. My heritage is Italian, we've lived in Australia for a couple of generations though, my Sicilian Grandparents came out here just before WW2 so I'm very much Australian but when I have been to Italy it just feels so much like a second HOME, as does Slovenia, the other side of my family.
I love tea too, I drink mine strong and with milk and sugar (well artificial sweetener, GASP!!! but it has no weight watchers points and I try to avoid sugar, with diabetes in the family). Anyway, I do my tea really strong (Earl Grey my tea of choice, Twinings). Then sqeeze every last bit of water out, and add my sugar/sweetener, stir that so it dissolves in as hot water as I can get, then I add milk (skim of course!). Not much fun am I!!!??!
Enjoy the tea party and feel free to come visit my blog for some faux sweet treats!

catsmum said...

WHO says the milk goes in after?
Anyone who knows anything about REAL tea knows the milk goes in first!
well in a pot anyway ... for teabags I have to admit I do it the other way round.
btw I've added to todays teaparty post so come back and have another look please

Laume said...

This tea party has been a real hoot. So many nice people I'm meeting.

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier - while I was snoozing. Not a very good hostess, am I. I've added a second post as well, showing off my collection of tea pots.

Like you, I've decided it's come time to use all my lovelies even if there's a bit of stains or breakage in the process. I mean, who am I saving it for? How old do I have to be before I deserve to use it?

I started drinking my tea the British way about ten years ago when I was invited to my first real tea party. It sounded horrible, but I wanted to be brave and try new things. Turns out it's the only way to have hot tea - well, except for at a Chinese restaurant, then I have mine without.

Nowadays I use soy milk instead of cows milk or cream. It goes in AFTER the water because I want it as hot as possible to get a strong enough tea.

Merci-Notes said...

Thanks for stopping by for tea! I have kept my things out and used them with our 2 kids. I like the fun times we have had as different celebrations come along. (My things are not priceless, OH but i just realized that my kids and husband are! : )
I LOVE your bracelets!!!and that they are not supper heavy! LOVE THEM! I will stop by again!
With Kindness,

Papoosue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - wasn't it a lovely tea party. Love your blog - will visit again.
Susan x