Thursday, March 15, 2007

BLOGS WANTED for dolls and stitcheries

Isn't she just wonderful this doll with her lovely big head, she's a pattern by Missy Ballance of I made her about 2 years ago and have never wanted to give her away, I'm a hoarder by nature so most of my handmade gifts never get given to the would be receiver...........they get put on a shelf in my house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going thru a 'I wanna make more raggedy, primitive, grungy dolls and stitcheries ' phase. So do any of you crafters / artists out there know of some good doll and stichery blogs I can look at, if so pls let me know


have a greyt day

crafty joan


MarilynH said...

Oooo, she is so sweet!! I want to hold her and hug her :)

karin said...

Hi Joan! She is so cute! I can see how it would be hard to give her up! Karin @ creativechaos