Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A is for ....

IBI theme is the letter A of the alphabet. A is for ART and art is fun, it's my way of destressing.
Here I 've chosen a zettie theme for my inchie.


missy k said...

Great zetti inchie.... your inchie is fun! I've just done my first four zetti atc's and I found them hard!


Roberta said...

Oh wow this is really gorgeous.
Fantastic work.

missy k said...


Thanks for your info about Zetti!

I'm from South London, born in Streatham, lived in West Norwood, Upper Norwood and even South Norwood for a while. I worked in Oxford Street (DH Evans) when I left school and worked with a really fun girl from Bermondsey. We had some fun times in her (your) neck of the woods. The Old Kent Road and such. She introduced me to pie and mash too in The Cut (?) at Waterloo. Loved it!

If you need any tea (I am an addict) I am happy to send you some :)!

Gotta dash..... meant to be getting ready for work.... it was lovely to get your email! How did you end up in Italy?


Fiona Whitehead said...

Fabulous inchie - and you're so right art should be creative and fun and not stressful - I''m hoping I find the fun again soon- this is the second Zetti I've seen in two days - must find out more about it!

Melisa Waldorf said...

Wow! Your "A" inchie is fabulous, I can't believe you got all of that in 1"!!

JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Fabby zetti inchie :)
I'm trying to make my first zetti atc's for a swap...and I've got no idea where to start, lol
I noticed on your post on Missy K's blog, that you are originally from East Ham - my hubby came from East Ham, and I'm originally from Plaistow! small world eh!
loves me pie & mash too!!