Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Season

SPRING.... a new season has begun and also a new me. I'm going with the flow and am enjoying all the new art I'm learning and making, plus I'm making so many new online friends who are going with the flow too.

Since I'm into this self healing and positive way of thinking it's made me realise that part of the fault was mine as I had a low self esteem of myself , very insecure , worried of what others thought about me but now I'm realising that I surrounded myself with negativity ......... certain environments, situations and people. Now that I've finally broken away from this negativity I feel so much better but it's still a little cold out there.....I'm still like a newly formed butterfly learning slowly but surely how to fly.

please feel free to use the image I've used it's from my personal collection of vintage postcards...enjoy.....go and make some greyt art but most of all make it for yourself and for your self acceptance.

have a greyt weekend

crafty joan

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Lorraine said...

I think art is very cathartic and wish you well..thanks for the comment on my blog