Friday, November 24, 2006


This art is for an American art friend, JoAnna, who is facing a very difficult moment in her life right now and who will have a strong battle to fight health wise.
Lelainia of put out a request to artists via her blog asking them to create a piece of artwork to make into a book and to create a charm for JoAnna .

Above is the collage I made for the artboo, the L shape stands for Liberty the butterflies represent freedom and the flowers the sweet smell of life.

This is a little prayer ATC for her, I don't know where or when I came up with these words for the prayer, but I think it is sweet and meaningful.

This is a charm I made based on the collage and prayer ATC above, the butterfly represents freedom , the feathers the wings of an angel and the little Madonna prayer cameo with crystals for clarity and faith.

Hope she will like these, and I pray dearly hope that the coming months will be won over.

thanx to Lelainia of tatteredge for letting me participate


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely...For shure your frind will find strengh!
I loved this ATC!
You are a great soul!

Anonymous said...

oh sorry I mean FRIEND

Tatterededge said...

That came out beautifully Joan. Thank you for participating!

christine said...

Joan -- so very beautiful!! :)

Alis said...

Beautiful pieces Joan. I'm sure your friend will gain much joy form this.
Hugs, Alis

Chantal said...

I really like your page, tag and charm. I'm sure they will bring much strength and hope to your friend. What a beautiful overall project. Yes, art heals and brings joy.

Anonymous said...

So lovely Joan!